Form 3.2 Monthly Payments Report


Form 3.2 Monthly Payments Report can ONLY be printed and returned via scan (email) or post. Please download the form below to complete. Please retain a copy of this for your records.


Download Form 3.2 Monthly Payments Report as PDF

INSTRUCTIONS - Completing the Monthly Payment Report
Field Action
Month ofEnter month in which payments are made
Bank Account NumberRecord the bank account number that these cheques were drawn on
DateEnter date on which cheque was drawn
Cheque NumberEnter cheque number
Payee’s Name Enter name of person organisation to whom cheque is payable
What payment is forEnter brief description of what payment is for eg books, phone bill etc
Cheque Amount Enter full amount of cheque
Expense Code/Amount Split payment to reflect the various expenses i.e. if the cheque includes a payment for stationery, teaching equipment and freight and these are all separate expense items in your Chart of Accounts, then the payment needs to indicate how much is being paid for each expense code.
GST component Check the tax invoice and indicate how much GST is included in the total amount


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