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Examples of how we can help

Organisation Restructure/Redesign

Are you considering changes to the way your organisation is structured to better deliver services to children or to establish a sustainable framework to carry you into the future? Our skilled team can assist you with reimagining your business structure and the changes that are needed to bring your vision to reality.

Strategic/Business Planning

Every business needs to know where it is going and more importantly when it has reached its destination. Articulating strategic intentions and developing a business plan to turn intentions into reality is an exercise in good governance. We have worked with many services to develop planning documents or revisit and update existing plans as circumstances change. The pandemic has shown us how the world can turn upside down very quickly. Agile and responsive organisations adapt their business plan to meet the challenges of the environment. Let us help you envision your future and create a solid plan to realise those goals.

Organisation Health Check

Sometimes it is useful to undertake a  health check of your business in between the formal regulatory Assessment and Rating reviews. This is often the case when a new Director is appointed or the governing body changes. Our experienced review team can undertake an assessment of compliance in line with Regulation Part 4.7 Governance and Leadership as well as best practice Human Resources management and compliance with the Fair Work Act, or perhaps how well your quality assurance/improvement program is working.


We know the process of merging or amalgamating businesses is complex with many factors to consider. Due diligence is a vital exercise in this process to inform governing bodies of the risks involved and how they can be mitigated. What might the new entity look like and what are the financial or regulatory implications that should be managed? Effective communication and consultation is essential to the success of any merger as is the change management process that should be implemented when a decision is made to move forward. We can help you with your pathway to a successful merger.

Demographic Profiling

A demographic profile is a valuable tool in your business planning arsenal. Understanding your community profile and potential enrolments helps you understand future business opportunities or risks that might crystalise due to changes in demography. You might also need demographic information to support a grant application for additional funding or capital funding. We can assist you by undertaking a demographic analysis drawing on census, SEIFA and AECD data.

Competition Analysis

Hand in hand with a demographic analysis is understanding who is your competition and what impact they may have on your current and future business. We know that the ECEC sector is one of the fastest growing businesses in Australian today and recent announcements by the Australian and NSW Governments suggest a significant government investment over the next decade. Make sure that you do not miss the opportunities that will arise by understanding the competition and how you can capitalise on them.

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