Funded Programs

Current Program

CCSA has been engaged by the NSW Department of Education to provide Mobile Preschool Funding Implementation Support to support Mobile Preschools transition to the new Mobile Preschool Funding Program, or to alternative funding streams including Start Strong for Community Preschools.

The Implementation Support will include Webinars, Communities of Practice and one on one tailored support via phone, email, and online meetings to individual preschools to support understanding of the new funding guidelines and how best to align your business model to maximise quality outcomes and opportunities.

All implementation support resources will be uploaded on this page as a central location for your reference.

Budgeting in the Mobile Context

Thursday 25 August 10.30am – 11.30am
Budgets are the backbone of your service’s long-term success and viability. In this very practical webinar, we will help you to understand the impacts of the August census and funding adjustments on your budget, how to begin to develop a 3 year budget projection, and how budgeting supports your strategic goals.

Strategic Planning for Mobile Preschools

Thursday 20 October 10.30am -11.30am
Having a strategic plan supports continuity of direction and purpose for all stakeholders of the service. Committee members and employees may come and go, but the strategic plan will remain in place supporting the service to achieve its goals. This webinar explores the key elements of a strategic plan and the process for its development.

Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?
A CoP web-conference is a collective learning space to connect with colleagues, share knowledge, experience and resources across the objectives of supporting mobile preschools under the new funding arrangements. CCSA’s facilitation of these sessions will provide specialised knowledge and experience in mobile preschool operation and professional practice, and how this can be organised to best effect.

You will have the opportunity to share understanding, strategies, and practices within a collaborative group to support your new arrangements to the Mobile Preschool Funding Program.

CoP Sessions:
Thursday 22 September, 10.30am – 11.30am
Thursday 24 November
Thursday 24 February
Thursday 27 April
Thursday 29 June

FREE for mobile preschools. Due to the nature of these sessions, they will NOT be recorded.

Recorded Webinars

Mobile Preschool Funding Guidelines

This webinar explains the components of the Mobile Preschool Funding Program.

Presented by John Gunn on Thu 30 June

Using the Mobile Preschool Funding Planning Tool

Demonstrating the use of the Department’s Planning Tool to forecast future funding, test enrolment scenarios and forward planning.

Presented by John Gunn on Fri 1 July

FREE Phone and Email Support for CCSA members and non-members

Please reach out to us for phone and email support.

Contact us on 1800 991 602 or 4782 1470 Opt 2

or email and we will get back to you.

This support program is funded by the Department of Education and brought to you by CCSA as part of the sector support program.

Completed Programs

CCSA was engaged by the NSW Department of Education to provide phone and email support to help services determine Start Strong Free Preschool eligibility, calculate funding and answer questions.

This support was made available to CCSA members and non-members.
CCSA developed a series of resources to build knowledge and confidence across the sector to take advantage of the redesigned quality ratings certificate when engaging with stakeholders to raise awareness of the National Quality Framework and rating system.

Resources included:
– animated video series
– a targeted series of story sharing workshops with a network of champions
– follow-up phone support and mentoring.
The Department of Education administered the Sector Support 2020 program to assist preschool services to closely align their businesses to funding objectives, and to enable sustainability over the longer term.
Based on a review of census data, the Department offered identified services the opportunity to take part.

CCSA provided tailored support and advice through:
– individualised, one-on-one support
– telephone and email support
– tools and resources
– follow up consultations.
This project provided professional development training and support on governance and compliance; including financial management. board roles and processes and leadership development.

To meet COVID restrictions, the project was delivered through video presentations, online workshops, videos and webinars.
This program provided leadership development training to managers and directors, including team building and strategies and techniques for improving communication and reducing conflict within teams.

The program consisted of face-to-face tutorials and workshops, web conferences and telephone coaching and mentoring. Participants were provided with a range of printed and online resources including checklists, templates and other tools.
This Program provided a flexible, responsive model to support the early childhood education and care sector and services in delivering on the Governments policy priorities.

Among other outcomes, the Program supported the sector to embed policy and regulatory changes resulting from implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF), and assist in building the skills and capability of early childhood teachers and educators to deliver quality early childhood education pedagogy and practice that meets the NQF.
This program delivered support and resources to community preschools in financial systems and processes including bookkeeping, budgeting, accounts and payroll in an Early Childhood Education and Care context.

The program consisted of face-to-face presentations and workshops, webinars, and on-line and telephone support. Participants were provided with a range on printed and online resources including checklists, calculators, templates and other tools.
CCSA was contracted by the Department of Education to support State Regulated Early Childhood Services (SRECS), also known as out-of-scope services, in transitioning to the new legislation governing Mobile Early Childhood Services and Occasional Education and Care Services.

The Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2019 became law on 27th May 2019.
From September 2014 to August 2015, CCSA held a series of regional training sessions and webinars on the Preschool Funding Model (PFM). This training directly related to preschool funding, ongoing sustainability and viability, service design, and planning for the future.
The Start Strong early education funding reform package was announced by the NSW Government on 14 September 2016. Start Strong takes steps towards supporting better early childhood education outcomes for all children across NSW. The sustainability of services, and improved access and affordability for children and families are the key messages that underpin the program.

CCSA and CCCC were engaged by the NSW Department of Education to design and deliver the information and training package and one-on-one support for the Start Strong Sector Support Program.