Form 5.1 Fees to be Invoiced


Form 5.1 Fees to be Invoiced can ONLY be printed and returned via scan (email) or post. Please download the PDF form below to complete. Please retain a copy of this for your records.

Download Form 5.1 as PDF 

This form must be accompanied by a copy of the fees policy, which outlines tiers, daily fee for each tier, other fees and amounts, any sibling discounts, late fee payments etc.


INSTRUCTIONS - Completing the Fees to be Invoiced Form
TermEnter term for which fees are due
Name of childEnter first and last name of child
Name and addressEnter name and address of parent who is to be invoiced
TierEnter the relevant tier
How many daysEnter number of days to be invoiced for
Other feesEnter details and amount of other fees such as association membership fee, fundraising levy, materials levy etc
Total balance dueEnter full amount of total fees to be invoiced