Our service is unable to operate due to a natural disaster, how should employees be paid?

If the services policies and procedures allow, some staff may be able to undertake some duties from home. Alternatively, the service may offer the employee the choice of taking paid leave, in consideration with the requirements for eligibility to personal/carer’s or compassionate leave. IF unavailable, staff may be authorised to take rostered days off or time in lieu could be offered.

If staff are unable to be usefully employed, and none of the above paid leave options are available, the service can stand employees down without pay during the period of the service’s closedown “for any cause for which the employer cannot reasonably be held responsible”. (Fair Work Act S. 524)

See the CCSA webpage for more information on what to do when your service is affected by a natural disaster or call the Member Infoline on 1800 991 602 (Press 2).