Form 3.3 Petty Cash Report


Form 3.3 Petty Cash Report can ONLY be printed and returned via scan (email) or post. Please download the form below to complete. Please retain a copy of this for your records.


Download Form 3.3 Petty Cash as PDF

INSTRUCTIONS - Completing the Petty Cash Report
Field Action
DateEnter date payment is made
AmountEnter full amount of invoice/receipt
What is payment forEnter brief description of payment made
Enter amounts under expense descriptionWhere GST payable on item enter amount in column “with GST”
Where GST not payable on item enter amount in column “Amount with no GST”
TotalsEnter total amount of each payment.
Cash in hand brought forward from previous periodEnter the cash in hand when last balanced
Add previous reimbursement cheque NoInsert number of cheque
Sub-totalAdd both figures and these should equal the amount of the Petty Cash Float
Less Expenditure this periodEnter the total of the “amount” column
Cash in handThis should equal the amount of cash you are holding in your petty cash – if not the Petty Cash is unbalanced and should be checked
Reimbursement Cheque NoEnter number of cheque drawn to replenish petty cash float
Amount $Enter amount of cheque
Name/ SignaturePrint name of authorised signatory, sign and date



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