Which educators should be given non-contact time?

The provision of non-contact time differs between awards: 

Children’s Services Award provides non-contact time for:  

  • an employee responsible for the preparation, implementation and/or evaluation of a developmental program for an individual child or group of children. 
  • an employee appointed as the Educational Leader. 

Educational Services (Teachers) Award under Schedule A – Teachers employed in early childhood services operating at least 48 weeks per year: 

  • provides non-contact time for an employee responsible for programming and planning for a group of children for the purpose of planning, preparing, evaluating and programming activities. 
  • there is no separate non-contact time for Educational Leaders under this award. 

For teachers employed in early childhood services operating at less than 48 weeks per year (such as preschools), there is no non-contact time provision. 

Both awards state that during non-contact time, an employee will not be required to supervise children or perform other duties as directed by the employer.