Accreditation extension

To help teachers focus on teaching and learning during the COVID outbreak, NESA has updated its advice on accreditation extensions.


All teachers who are overdue or due to complete Proficient Teacher or maintenance of accreditation requirements in Term 3 or Term 4, 2021 now have an extension until 4 March 2022.

This includes teachers who were due to finalise their maintenance on 17 July 2021. These teachers were previously granted an extension until 17 January 2022. Teachers should disregard the current due date in their NESA online account (eTAMS) as this will not be updated.

NESA has communicated about this extension to eligible teachers.

Other teachers who are concerned about completing accreditation requirements can apply for an extension to their due date.

Further information, including advice on observations of practice, is available on NESA’s COVID advice page.

Ceasing and suspension

Until further notice NESA is also delaying:

  • ceasing action for teachers who have not met Proficient Teacher accreditation
  • suspension action for teachers who have not maintained their accreditation.

NESA will communicate with overdue teachers when these actions restart.