Checking Employees Pay Rates 

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and this means the Fair Work Commission will hand down its decision around the Annual Wage Review. The decision is usually announced in mid-June with pay rises (if any awarded) due the first full pay period on or after 1 July. To ensure your service is ready and that implementation of the pay rises is as smooth as possible it is a good idea to check all employees’ current classification and pay rates.

Questions to ask of the employees’ rate of pay include:

  • Are they being paid under the appropriate award?
  • Are they classified correctly?
  • Are they on the correct level?
  • Have they been progressed up incremental steps if required?
  • Is their pay rate the current one?

It is recommended that some type of table/spreadsheet be produced so the rates can be checked for accuracy prior to implementation of the pay rise. When the new pay rates are released they can also be entered.

The employer can then see the pay rises that are to take effect and approve their implementation. They can also see whether there are any above award/EA pay rates and decide what to do with the implementation of the pay rise in that case (depending on what is in the employees’ contact).

There is no need to redo an employees contract of employment just to reflect the new pay rate.

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