Mentoring and coaching service

What is mentoring and coaching?

Our mentoring and coaching service is your individualised, one-on-one professional development. It is self-paced and co-designed to support leaders to grow professionally and develop skills to assist in meeting best practice and regulatory compliance.

Who is mentoring and coaching for?

Mentoring and coaching is designed for new and experienced leaders, including Directors, Educational Leaders and Committee Members. These sessions support customised professional learning on a wide range of topics to meet your identified outcomes.

What topics are included?

Mentoring and coaching is tailored to your specific needs for support in your role, and is customised to develop skills, competence, confidence in the areas required.

Who are our mentors?

Our team are extensively experienced to provide professional coaching. You can trust them to provide confidential and supportive coaching and mentoring.

How is mentoring and coaching delivered?

Mentoring and coaching is delivered using secure online platforms.

Option 1: Three 1 hour sessions

Cost: $ $720 (member price ex-GST)

Option 2: Six 1 hours sessions

Cost: $1,440 (member price ex-GST)

Standard Delivery Options:
• Virtual Delivery only