CCSA has a long history of supporting our members and the wider early childhood education and care sector through natural disasters. The past few years have been no different as so many Australians have faced, and continue to be affected by, these events. To support the important role of early childhood services and their leaders during times of crises, we are working with Be You to host this important face-to-face workshop at the Parklands Resort, Mudgee.

Wednesday 15 March 2023, 2-4:30pm.

Parklands Resort & Conference Centre, 121 Ulan Road Putta Bucca, NSW 2850

Cost is $125 for CCSA members, $165 for non-members.

Afternoon tea provided.

About the Workshop

Australia is affected by many different types of disaster, including floods, bushfires and cyclones.  Preparing early learning services ahead of time can make a significant difference to how staff and children respond and cope if there is a disaster. Following natural disasters, early learning services can act as an important protective environment to support recovery.

The leaders of early learning services play an important role in guiding their learning community through stressful and uncertain times.  Effective leadership plays a crucial role in building resilience within a learning community. Leaders provide continuity, connection, stability and structure through challenging times.

This session will help you understand your role as a leader through these events.  It will build on your existing leadership skills and increase your confidence in applying these skills in the context of natural disasters.  The session will support you to:

  • appreciate your role as a leader in supporting learning communities before, during and after natural disasters
  • understand the potential impacts of natural disasters on learning communities, and how learning communities can support children and young people’s resilience and recovery
  • use your education leadership role to support your learning community in preparing for and recovery from natural disasters
  • take steps to prepare yourself and your learning community to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and other community trauma.

Presented by Sally Hodges, Be You.

Sally Hodges is a Be You Consultant, for Early Childhood Australia, based on Gadigal land. Prior to this role, Sally worked for two years in the Be You Bushfire Response Program.

In both these roles, she drew upon her skills as a classroom teacher and subject lead, where she worked in London and Canberra. Sally holds a Bachelor of Education and Masters of Clinical Teaching.