When do I have to pay overtime?

For employees under the Children’s Services Award, Teachers employed under the Educational Services (Teachers) Award Schedule B, and administration staff under the Clerks Private Sector Award, any additional work that the employer requires employees to perform needs to be paid in the appropriate way. This includes paying for attendance at training sessions, events such as Information Nights, Parent Teacher interviews, Christmas Concert, or any other occasions where compulsory attendance is required by the employer. Therefore, when planning these events, services need to be aware that if the event falls outside of an employee’s normal hours of work or outside the operational hours of the service, overtime may be payable. If the event takes place away from the employee’s usual workplace, travel allowances may also be payable.

The Education Services (Teachers) Award does not include any overtime provisions for teachers in preschools. If attendance is voluntary, that is if the employee is welcome to attend but is not required to do so, then no payments are necessary.


If you have an Enterprise Agreement, check your Agreement for specific conditions.