What is the minimum shift for a casual?

Under the Children’s Services Award 2010 Clause 10.5 (c) A casual employee will be paid a minimum of two hours pay for each engagement.

Under the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010 Clause 14.5 (b) (ii) a casual employee in a children’s service or early childhood education service may be paid for a minimum of a quarter day.

Under the Clerks—Private Sector Award 2010 Clause 12.4 Casual employees are entitled to a minimum payment of three hours’ work at the appropriate rate.

Under the Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 Clause 10.4 (c) The minimum period of engagement of a casual employee is three hours with the exception of cleaners employed in private medical practices who will be engaged for a minimum of two hours.

Under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 Clause 10.4 (c) Casual employees will be paid the following minimum number of hours, at the appropriate rate, for each engagement:
(i) social and community services employees except when undertaking disability services work—3 hours;
(ii) home care employees—1 hour; or
(iii) all other employees—2 hours.