My ECT is absent today. Who can I use to replace them and still meet the regulatory requirements?

The Education and Care Services National Regulations, regulation 135, states If an early childhood teacher is absent from a centre based service because of short-term illness or leave, the following persons may be taken for the purposes of this regulation to be an early childhood teacher during that absence.

(a)          a person who holds an approved diploma level education and care qualification;

(b)          a person who holds a qualification in primary teaching.

This regulation applies only to a centre based service that educates and cares for 25 or more children preschool age or under.

There are limitations on the use of this regulation. Early Childhood teachers may only be replaced by the use of this regulation for a maximum of 60days (or part-time pro rata) in any 12-month period.

If you are thinking of using this regulation to replace an ECT but are still unsure, please call the Member Support team on 1800 991 602 (option 2).