I am unable to meet the qualification requirements set out in the National Regulations, what do I do?

Part 4.4 of the Education and Care Services National Regulations dictate the requirements that services must meet when it comes to the qualifications of educators.

If services find themselves in a situation where they are unable to meet the qualification requirements of the regulations, they will need to notify the regulatory authority and apply for a waiver.

It is suggested that as part of this process services conduct a risk assessment to ensure that they have put alternative arrangements in place that will assist to ensure the health and safety of the children attending the service.

The NQA IT system is the portal that is used by most services to submit department notifications and applications. If you are having difficulty submitting your application or notification please contact your regulatory authority by using the details found here.

CCSA’s Member Support are also available to discuss your services situation, call the Member Infoline on 1800 991 602 or (02) 4782 1470.