How do we develop a position description?

A position description covers the objectives, responsibilities, accountabilities and key duties or tasks of a particular position. Having a position description will make the recruitment process more effective and will help in the development of your contract of employment. It will also give the employee a clear understanding of what is expected in the role and how it contributes to the overall service.

A position description should outline:

  • position title (use terminology from the awards to avoid confusion)
  • lines of accountability and reporting relationships (who the employee reports to and who they are responsible for)
  • an overview of the role outlining the key objectives of the position including how the role meets qualification requirements under the Education and Care Services National Regulations, eg. nominated supervisor, educational leader, educator
  • a list of duties and responsibilities
  • qualification required, if any
  • desired skills, attributes and experience
  • relevant award and classification
  • work location(s) and any travel required (if relevant).