New Committee Member Welcome

Welcome to your new role and to CCSA!

Taking on a management role in our sector can be overwhelming. The CCSA Governance and Management Snapshot breaks down the key elements, shows how these are connected, and provides tools to support services to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Here are some questions you might be asking about your new role, and solutions CCSA can provide.


Every organisation should have a legal entity that has structure and frameworks to manage governance and operations. These can take slightly different forms depending on the type of entity be it an Incorporated Association, Company Limited by Guarantee or a Cooperative. In the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector the Governance entity is the Approved Provider of the service and the employer of staff. As a member of the Committee you have responsibility to ensure that the service operates within the relevant legislation, standards and funding rules that apply.

  • What is an Approved Provider?
  • What are my responsibilities as an Approved Provider?
  • What is a constitution?
  • How does a Constitution work?
  • How do I manage risk?
  • What happens at Annual General Meetings?
  • Do we need a Business or Strategic Plan?
  • Why do I need Policies and Procedures?
  • Are we meeting reporting obligations?

The Snapshot will help answer these questions, and our Member Infoline and Knowledge Centre provide further information, support and assurance. We also offer Governance and Management Training which is a six hour in depth program that will help you to further understand you new role as a committee member.


Sound financial management is essential to delivering high quality, sustainable children’s services. As a committee member you are responsible for the stewardship of the service finances and maintaining its solvency. You need to ensure there are strong controls in place to maximise income and ensure the service can pay its staff and bills and prevent fraud.

  • What are my financial responsibilities?
  • Why are budgets important?
  • What is out delegations framework?
  • When was the last time out accounts were audited?

Find out in the Snapshot and keep an eye out for our fortnightly eConnect newsletter for the latest sector news. Your service can add on the Business Solutions membership option for specialist payroll and bookkeeping solutions. More information is available in the Knowledge Centre section Financial Management. We also offer specialised and targeted training in Financial Reporting and Accountability and Foundations for Financial Management. Visit our Learn with us page to find out more and book a session.


The Committee Members of the Approved Provider are responsible for ensuring the service operates within the requirements of the National Quality Framework. Primarily this means the service must ‘Meet’ the seven standards for service delivery when assessed by the State Regulator.

  • What are the National Quality Standards and how are they used?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is the Early Years Learning Framework
  • What are my responsibilities as the Approved Provider?

The National Quality Framework sets out the guiding principles for providing better educational development outcomes for children. Together with the Snapshot, our Member Infoline, website and specialised training and consultancies will support you understand and implement the Framework and meet reporting and regulatory obligations.


The Committee as the governing body of the service is the Employer. The Committee may delegate some responsibilities to the Director of the service but ultimate responsibility for complying with employment and work health as safety legislation rests with the Committee.

  • Are we meeting our employment responsibilities?
  • Do we have robust industrial relations and human resources policies and procedures?
  • How will I manage sensitive or difficult staffing situations?
  • Do all staff have employment contracts?
  • Are job descriptions comprehensive and include all the requirements of each position?
  • Is there a robust performance management system in place?
  • Is there an effective work health and safety system in place?

Managing people is complex. The Snapshot provides an overview of the HR and IR legal framework and your responsibilities under these. Our expert Member Support team can help you navigate your employer responsibilities and are here to support you through challenging conversations.

On our website you will find more information about  Workplace Relations and Pay  Rates. There is also a number of short video presentations called Work Talk where we talk about all the leave provisions for employees.  Have a look at our Learn with us page to book our in-depth training programs: Performance Management and getting the most from your team, Guide to Employing Staff, Communication and Effective Teams.

Find out more in the Snapshot and keep an eye out for our fortnightly eConnect newsletter for the latest sector news including updartes from the Fair Work Commission and ATO.


In addition to providing direct support to members, we advocate on behalf of our members and the whole of the sector to ensure your message and concerns are heard by Government, the Fair Work Commission and other relevant agencies. Stay in touch with the latest sector news on our News page.

CCSA is here for you! We encourage you to make full use of all the great benefits of your CCSA membership.

Please contact us with your questions, concerns or just to introduce yourself and say hello!

We look forward to working with you.