The Fair Work Commission annual wage review process

Every year an Expert Panel of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) must review the modern award minimum wages and set a national minimum wage order. The order covers employees who are covered by modern awards (or transitional instruments), and, employees not covered by either an award or an agreement. This process involves:  

  • written submissions from interested organisations and individuals 
  • consultation, and 
  • research 

The following are required to be reviewed by the Expert Panel:  

  • minimum wages in modern awards and transitional instruments, and 
  • the national minimum wage order from the previous annual wage review. 

The Expert Panel must make sure that all persons and bodies have a reasonable opportunity to make, and comment on written submissions for consideration in the review. The Act requires submissions to be published (unless the submission contains information that is confidential or commercially sensitive) to ensure that interested contributors have a practical opportunity to make, and comment on, any written submissions. 
At the end of the review the Expert Panel will issue its decision and release the publication of determinations that demonstrate the change of the minimum wage rates in modern awards, and a national minimum wage order for employees who are not covered by an agreement or award. 
The FWC typically is required to release determinations by the beginning of the financial year. 
CCSA will keep members informed of wage review determinations and operative dates as they are passed. You can find more information about the Fair Work Commissions annual wage review process here or call the Member Infoline on 1800 991 602 or (02) 4782 1470. 

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