Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave

The FWC has handed down a Decision describing its provisional view that a model Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) leave term should be inserted into all modern awards.  In its provisional view, full time employees covered by modern awards should be entitled to 10 days paid FDV leave per year, rather than the current entitlement of five days unpaid FDV leave per year.  Part-time employees would receive paid FDV leave on a pro-rata basis.  Paid FDV leave would not apply to casuals.

The provisional view is subject to further work before it will become an actual change to modern awards. This process will continue into at least July 2022.  In the meantime, the current entitlement of five days unpaid FDV leave will continue for all national system employees including full-time, part-time and casuals.

CCSA will continue to monitor the progress of this case and will provide further information to our members as it becomes available.

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