What does a leader look like?

All early childhood educators are responsible for the important job of leading children on their early learning discovery. So what does a leader look like?

Leadership is about learning

Leaders must be open minded. The more broadly we question, consult and engage the more likely we are to understand and investigate solutions to problems.

Leaders are listeners

To consult and engage we must listen, and create the space and conditions for other to be heard.

Leaders evolve and adapt

We must be prepared to change, accept , and adapt. In other words, we need to be resilient.

Leaders are authentic

They not only talk the talk – they walk the walk, and lead by example.

Leaders move in a clear direction

Leaders are committed to goals and remain focused, but who and how should we determine that direction?

We all have a role to play as leaders; ensuring that services are strong and resilient, and children have the best possible early childhood education and care experiences.

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