2.0 Payroll Instructions – Read this first



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Outline of Services Provided in PAYROLL
Reporting Timelines
Actions/Reports by CCSA
Adding a New Employee
Processing Payroll
Single Touch Payroll Compliance
Employee Entitlements



Outline of Services Provided in PAYROLL

Business Solutions Payroll - Services Provided
ContractMinimum 12 months
Included in package under Payroll Option• Assistance with preparation of annual wages budget
• Confirming existing employee entitlements and employment conditions with the customer
• Maintenance of employee records including accrual of annual and personal leave entitlements
• Preparation of employee wages and pay advice slips
• Fortnightly pay report for management
• Provision of monthly reports – PAYG, superannuation, monthly payroll summary to facilitate service preparation of BAS / IAS
• Submission of Single Touch Payroll reports to the ATO for each pay period
• Submission of an annual Single Touch Payroll finalisation declaration by 14 July each year
• Exception reports – alerts service to anomalies in employee payments, when incremental increases due, employment practices which are costing the service additional money, budget overruns etc.
• Provision of information for annual audit
ALSO included in package under Full Payroll option• Payment of employees’ wages fortnightly
• Payment of employees’ superannuation obligations on a monthly basis


Reporting Timelines    

Business Solutions Payroll - Reporting Timelines Service
Timing Document numberDetails
Prior to commencement of Business Solutions1All forms numbered 1 must be completed
Fortnightly – on last day of pay period or following day2.1Employee record form for any new employee
Direct debit request for payment of wages and Business Solutions fees to CCSA
2.7Fortnightly time sheet for each employee who has worked during the pay period with travel allowance claim if applicable
Annually - within 14 days of AGM1.4Committee Details


Actions/Reports by CCSA     

Business Solutions service will commence within 14 working days after CCSA has received all required documentation.

Business Solutions Payroll - Actions/Reports by CCSA
Fortnightly Preparation of wagesProcessed in accordance with preferred payroll day, providing all payroll information has been received
Payroll activity summary reportEmailed to you within 24 hours of your payroll being processed
Employee pay advice slipsEmailed to you and your employees within 24 hours of your payroll being processed
MonthlyPayroll summary report

Summary of employee entitlements
Within 14 working days of end of each month, providing documentation has been received

For BAS and IAS purposes
Monthly as applicableSuperannuation payable
AnnuallySingle Touch Payroll Annual Finalisation declaration.Submitted to Australian Taxation Office by 14 July each year
MYOB file to nominated auditor


Adding a New Employee

Related forms

 2.1 Employee Record Form

Section 1 to be completed by the employee, Section 2 to be completed by the employer. Copy to be forwarded to CCSA.

Tax File Number Declaration (Forms issued by ATO)

Employee to complete this declaration – photocopy top copy of form, send original top copy to ATO and retain second copy with employee records. Send photocopy to CCSA – please ensure it is legible.

Employment Agreement

Have employee sign Employment Agreement, employee retains a copy, service retains a copy and files with employee’s records.

Send a copy to CCSA


Forms to be e-mailed to CCSA prior to pay day or with the timesheet.

New employees cannot be paid until CCSA has a completed Employee Record Form.


Processing Payroll

Related forms:  

2.3 Timesheets         

To be completed and signed by employee and authorised signatory

2.4 Travel Allowance Claim

To be completed by any employee who has used their motor vehicle for approved service related travel.

2.7 Payroll Cover Sheet

List employees to be paid and total number of timesheets.

Procedure for payroll processing

Timesheets to be e-mailed to CCSA after the end of the pay period, to arrive at CCSA on the day prior to the payroll processing day.

Payroll coversheet to be used to indicate which employees have worked and which timesheets are attached.

CCSA will forward to the service prior to the end of the day:

  • Payroll Advice Report for detailed information of payroll for each employee
  • Payroll Summary Report with details of gross pay, net pay, tax and superannuation
  • Updated Entitlements report of leave balances for employees

CCSA will e-mail out pay slips direct to employees.



Related forms

2.1 Employee Record Form

Superannuation information to be completed for each employee including casuals

Super Choice Form

To be forwarded to CCSA


Each new employee should be given a Super Choice form to complete. This is kept at the service with the employee records. Copy sent to CCSA.

Service to provide default fund details to CCSA, including internet logins. For any new employee not providing a fund, the default fund will be used.

CCSA will provide a superannuation report to the service within 10 days of the following month.

For Full Payroll Option

Service to provide default fund details to CCSA, including internet logins. For any new employee not providing a fund, the default fund will be used.

CCSA will pay superannuation contributions monthly for each employee through our Clearing House providers.


Single Touch Payroll Compliance


CCSA will submit Single Touch Payroll reports to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for each pay period on the day of the payroll

CCSA will submit the Annual Single Touch Payroll Finalisation Declaration to the ATO by 14 July each year.


Employee Entitlements

Related forms

2.2  Employee Entitlements


On commencement of Business Solutions CCSA will check all employee entitlements and enter balances into MYOB.

CCSA will keep track of the following:

  • Annual leave
  • Personal / sick leave
  • Long service leave
  • RDOs

Entitlement balance reports will be forwarded to the service on request or may be requested to include as part of the fortnightly payroll reports.