1.0 Set Up Instructions – Start Here



Download a PDF copy of this manual here

Forms to be completed

1.1 Service Profile

1.2 Authorised Signatories Declaration

1.3 Direct Debit Request

1.4 Committee Details

1.5 BAS Agent Portal Client Authority

Timing (When should you send these forms to CCSA)

Business Solutions Service Set Up - Reporting Timelines
Timing Document numberDetails
Prior to commencement of Business Solutions1.1Service Profile
1.2Authorised Signatories Declaration
1.3 Direct Debit Request - for payment of wages and associated costs and Business Solutions fees to CCSA
1.6Direct Debit Request Service Agreement
Annually - within 14 days of AGM1.4Committee Details
As required1.2Authorised Signatories Declaration when there are changes
1.5BAS Agent Portal Client Authority


Actions/Reports by CCSA

Business Solutions service will commence within 14 working days after CCSA has received all required documentation.



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