The Forum was well organised and it was so good to have everything in one place
(accomodation, workshops etc..)
The location was was easy to travel to for many delegates and it was great
to meet the CCSA staff face to face.


Reflect, Restore and Refocus

The 2021 Forum is underpinned by the three key actions:
Reflect – is one of our known strengths in early childhood education.
The action of reflecting empowers us to think about what just happened.
Restore – allows us time to gather our thoughts and put things back in a
place that builds strength, capacity, and ignite energy enabling the ability
to move forward!
Refocus – directs our vision, instructs our actions and opens a pathway to
discovery and success!



Information Sessions


Travel Subsidies Granted


Keynote Speakers

Rachael Robertson ↗

She is best known as an authority on leading in extreme environments. Robertson is a former Antarctic Expedition Leader, who lead the 58th Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition to Davis Station in 2005.

Jean Kittson ↗

Jean Kittson is an Australian performer,
writer and comedian in theatre and print,
on radio and television.

Wendy Harmer ↗

Wendy Harmer is an Australian author, children’s writer, playwright and dramatist, radio show host, comedian, and television personality. She is host of ABC Radio Sydney’s Morning radio program.

Rural + Remote Forum: Looking Back

2019 RRF Forum

Dubbo Western Plains Zoo
28th February – 1st March 2019


2020 RRF Forum

Dubbo Rhino Lodge
26th February – 28th February 2020


2021 RRF Forum

Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains
21st March – 23rd March 2021


2022 RRF Forum

Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains
16th March – 18th March 2022